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Abundance, Prosperity and Seeing the Magic --Pamela Latour Ph.D. “There are only two ways to live y

“There are only two ways to live your life; as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.”—Albert Einstein

How many times have you walked into your kitchen? So many times, I bet, that you no longer see the clutter that is beginning to accumulate on the counter top. This happens to all of us because our brain’s job is to form automatic programs. We walk, we drive and we move on automatic. The same is true with our thoughts. If we see the same thing over and over again our brain puts it into a program and we stop looking. After all, we know what our kitchen looks like.

Although it’s obvious how developing habits of thought keeps us operating through our day without focusing on our every movement, is there a down side to this automation? Unfortunately, yes. Many of us wake up, remember who we are, the roles we play and what we have to do today. We brush our teeth, make our coffee and get dressed in the same way every day, without ever paying attention. We drive to work the same way, talk to the same people, feel the same feelings, think the same thoughts, do the same job, drive home the same way, make the same food we usually make, watch the same television programs and go to bed at the same time. Very little changes from day to day to day. Sometimes we have glimpses of awareness and we pop-up and ask, “How can I achieve abundance and prosperity? How can I have a happier life?”

Perhaps the abundance and prosperity and the ingredients for a happy life have been there all along and we are missing it. Maybe our thought programs are tuning out that clutter as well as the magic all around us.

A new program needs to be written and it should follow a basic format. When you wake, and while you’re brushing your teeth and making your coffee, keep your attention on things that you are happy about. Look out the window at the sunrise. Don’t turn on the news. Think about things that you are grateful for. Purposefully decide to see your life in abundance and prosperity. Forgive anyone that comes into your mind that you have had conflict with. Set a timer on your phone to go off several times a day and remind yourself to be happy and grateful. This thought program will give you a wonderful life of growth and happiness.

If you have trouble feeling this new-found wealth, understand that abundance and prosperity are relative anyway. Do you know or remember that just a few years ago computers were the size of a moving box and the internet was dial-up? Before that, telephones were rotary with long twisted cords that got tangled on everything. There were no mobile phones. Our ancestors that were born much earlier in history, in the middle ages for example, had no glass in their windows as they threw their frozen chamber pot out every morning, hopefully missing any passers-by below.

Considering all of this, how abundant and prosperous is your life? What is your potential for happiness? It’s up to you to decide if nothing is a miracle, or if everything is a miracle.

Pamela Latour, Ph.D. is a Speaker, Artist and Hypnotherapist. You can reach her at 813-520-8894 or at

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