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Vibrating In and Out of Reality

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

We know that everything vibrates. We know that it's not as solid as it appears. So who are we in this constantly moving, vibrational Universe?

When I was small I had this wonderful fantasy. I truly believed that everything was alive and in motion. In my five year old vision, I imagined that when I left my room, my toys would leave to another world where they could run around and play and talk to each other. They would, of course, discuss me and say how much they loved me. When I, or my mother or anyone else, would open the door they would miraculously return to the position that they were in. I was always surprised by this and admired their ability to recreate the exact conditions. It was their secret that they had let me in on. No one else knew. Just me.

As I got older I would hear the question, "If a tree fell in the forest and there was no one there to hear it, would it make a sound?" The answer seemed clear. In my growing, but still young mind, I said to myself, "No, the tree of course, wouldn't be hanging out and banging around. It wouldn't come back to this world until someone showed up to hear it and see it and experience it. I, of course, was the only one that knew this other worldly secret. Just me. No one would have believed me if I told them anyway.

Science has since caught up with my secret. Although the scientific community has researched and discussed the phenomena in great depth, most people still don’t really know about it or don’t know how it would apply to them. Quantum physics tells us that if there was no one in the forest to hear the tree fall, there would be no tree! I was right, it leaves! Pun intended. Pretty shocking to most of us that have always seen our environment as solid and unchangeable.

It is true that this world operates on certain laws. One of these laws happens to be that if there is no consciousness, there is no matter. Science has known for quite some time that if there is no one aware of the environment, the environment can't exist, at least not in this world. Many people in my workshops, hearing this for the first time, have difficulty wrapping their head around it. How could this be, life is so solid!

Albert Einstein, back in the 1920's said that "Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one."

To say it another way, if you walked out of your house and you locked the door. You weren't thinking about your house, there was no other consciousness in the house, (including dogs or cats or other people), the matter in your house would no longer be there. It leaves, just like my toys or the tree. Where it goes science hasn't figured out yet, but they're certain that it doesn't stick around.

There is an energy memory of everything that is in your house but the matter in the floor and ceiling and furniture would be gone. Where it goes nobody knows but they do know that you have to have consciousness to have matter. If you think about your house while at work, you come home and put the key in the door, your children get home from school, any form of awareness and consciousness will bring it all back to the exact condition it was when you left. (Too bad it wouldn't clean itself up while it was wandering around in this other dimension!)

The good news is that life is not solid at all and is completely controlled by you. Let’s go back to what Einstein said about reality being an illusion. When you imagine something and you feel like it’s already real, it shows up as experience. When you are consistently thinking about a problem, the problem gets worse. The reason for this is that attention makes this world more and more solid. So the more you focus on anything the more solid and heavy it becomes. If you need a new car, you insert gratitude into the new car vision and trust that it’s coming. This works in our favor, but what happens when our attention gets stuck on a problem?

We’re taught to focus on whatever problem we have until we come up with a solution. Opposite Alert! Re-train yourself to take your attention off of the problem. Do this even if it feels like your life will fall apart if you stop focusing on it. Instead, focus on what it would feel like if the problem were solved, (even if you don’t know what the solutions is), and just like that new car, the solution will show up. Write this feeling down, i.e. “I am so happy and grateful that the solution has shown up in my life”. Every time you catch yourself thinking about the problem, STOP. Then read your note, out loud if possible, that you keep with you all the time. Feel the solution has already manifested. “I am so happy and grateful that this situation no longer affects me and is completely fixed! Yay”! Put as much five year old energy in it as possible. If you were five years old you would just imagine it fixed. You would be so sure of this remedy that you would happily go on with your day. Do that and you’ll be amazed at how life takes care of you.

Oh, one more thing, you do have to trust that it will happen. If you don’t trust, it’s just a wish. Your brain and body don’t know the difference between what you think and feel and what you’re experiencing (because at a vibration level, there isn't any difference). If you don’t believe the solution is coming, the new car, the new lover, the extra money, then your body and your world just work against your desires. It's necessary to have faith. Patience is when you know it's coming.

Don’t forget that your world always leaves. It vibrates in and out of existence and as it does, it takes with it all of your plans, desires, fears and joys. Perhaps in this other world, a part of you runs and plays and talks about how everything loves you. The Universe does, and no one knows your secret, just you.

This is the beginning of a wonderful change in life. If you would like to know more, join us on Monday evenings in February and March, 2019, from 7:00 to 9:00pm in Lutz, Florida. Call Pamela Latour at 813-520-8894 and let's talk.

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